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The ups and downs of travelling...

Well...the City of Lights...

The good news is the rain stayed away...the bad news is the tour was terrible!!
It turned out to be a clear, but chilly night in Paris and I rugged up to brave the open-topped bus, with my camera in hand...

to only have it arrive...with a plastic roof!!!

So...very difficult to take pics through reflective glass and plastic!!

But...I stayed on board enjoyed what I could of a very boring bus ride and then did what I should have done in the first place...

Walk the streets of Paris with every other budding photographer and take pictures on foot!!

I was a little nervous walking around on my own at almost midnight...but it was all fine!

I took lots of shots...played with settings on my new camera and decided I really do need to do a course with someone who knows about photography!!

P1000969_-_Copy.jpg P1000977.jpg

P1020002.jpg P1020001.jpg

P1020018.jpg P1020041.jpg

P1020043.jpg P1020053.jpg

P1020055.jpg P1020004.jpg

The main thing is, my night started off badly but finished magically...a great end to a wonderful holiday and my last night in Paris...

...maybe...he he

But I can leave as a very happy traveller!!

Au Revoir...

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A day with friends...

I awoke this morning with fingers and toes crossed that the weather would be a little better...there were glimpses of blue sky amongst the clouds...hooray!!

This last few days has been so cold and wet!

I began the day with a morning walk to get croissants, but decided to go a different way and discovered my favourite street in the area...Rue de Buci...a very quaint area with lots of lovely shops and a market feel...

1P1000941.jpg 1P1000942.jpg

P1000943.jpg P1000944.jpg

1P1000945.jpg 1P1000946.jpg

I then headed up to Sacre Coeur to meet some wonderful friends, Barb and Laurie, who were travelling through Paris for the day on their way back to Oz...

They stopped at Place du Terte to have a caricature done...

We walked and walked from Sacre Coeur all the way through Opera down to the Jardin du Tuilleries and to the Tour Eiffel stopping for crepes along the way...then through to the Champs-Elysées for a drink before we went our separate ways.

P1000954.jpg P1000957.jpg

On my way back through to the Metro I could hear a beautiful orchestra playing...the acoustics in the tunnels is amazing...I rounded the corner to find what looked like a youth band that had totally stopped traffic! They were fantastic!!
P1000958.jpg 1P1000959.jpg

1P1000960.jpg P1000966.jpg

I have been waiting for the weather to improve to do a night tour of Paris to hopefully get some photos of all the tourist icons lit up...as tonight is my last night it is a do or die effort...not sure if I will get wet or not..you shall have to wait for the last instalment to find out...

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Shakespeare and Company

Any book buffs out there? This bookshop is a must do for you...

All the travel books suggest a visit to this amazing store and it truly is a delight!!

Two quaint stores side by side on the banks of the Seine...one with new books, second hand books and a library and the other with rare books and first editions.

It is full of little nooks with chairs for you to sit and browse or the upstairs library allows you to sit and enjoy their books or bring your own, relax and read...

P1000908.jpg P1000909.jpg

1P1000910.jpg P1000911.jpg

P1000912.jpg P1000913.jpg

P1000914.jpg P1000915.jpg

P1000918.jpg 1P1000923.jpg

P1000916.jpg 1P1000922.jpg

P1000919.jpg P1000920.jpg

P1000921.jpg P1000925.jpg

I then headed back past the Fountain Saint-Michel...
P1000929.jpg P1000930.jpg

and home to my warm apartment...
90_P1000931.jpg 90_P1000933.jpg

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Wild weather in Versailles

The weather in Paris has turned from Spring to Winter...

As time is running out I braved the weather to take a tour of Versailles. We rugged up with layers, grabbed our umbrellas and jumped on the train...

Alex our guide was so very knowledgable and even made the wind and rain enjoyable! I met up with some of the others I had met on the walking tour so that was a bonus.

The Palace is very opulent and beautiful...the gardens are immense and I was very glad to have a guide to direct me through the maze.

Once again I must let the photos tell the story...

1P1000780.jpg P1000783.jpg

1P1000784.jpg P1000785.jpg

1P1000788.jpg 1P1000789.jpg

P1000791.jpg 1P1000792.jpg

P1000793.jpg 1P1000796.jpg

P1000805.jpg P1000806.jpg

P1000811.jpg 1P1000818.jpg

1P1000824.jpg P1000825.jpg

1P1000826.jpg P1000839.jpg

1P1000842.jpg P1000835.jpg

P1000846.jpg P1000853.jpg

P1000871.jpg P1000872.jpg


Inside the Palace
P1000884.jpg 1P1000890.jpg

1P1000898.jpg P1000900.jpg

P1000904.jpg P1000891.jpg

In the end the sun managed to peek through so we were a little wet, very cold, but thrilled with our visit to Versailles!

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Dinner with Jim Haynes...

Sometimes you just have to go with what life throws up in your path...

As I was researching apartments for this trip and while reading reviews on them I stumbled across a mention from a couple who stayed at the Montmartre apartment talking about attending "Sunday Dinner with Jim"...and how wonderful it was!

I was curious so I followed the website trail, read reviews in the New York Times and discovered this amazing man in his 70's who was a travel writer ...not your usual travel journo...he travelled and found people who wanted to meet people and managed through his writing to link them all together...


The follow on is that for the last many, many years he has been hosting Sunday dinner at his studio in Paris from 8pm - 11pm for anyone who wishes to come...he has friends or visiting chefs do the food, you pay a fee for the food and wine and get to meet people from all over the world...social networking at its best!!

I was intrigued so I emailed him and booked to go to dinner while in Paris...there is always a waiting list and he is booked out months in advance!

I have just returned from the most wonderful experience...there were about 50 or so people from all over gathered together in Jim's kitchen enjoying good food, good wine and most of all good conversation...something we don't do enough of...in the summer months there can be up to 100 people attending...

Truly a fun night out...I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone who visits Paris!


Suzy and Henry from the States...

The man himself...Jim Haynes...it truly was a pleasure...

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