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Giverny and Claude Monet...

Sunday in Paris only the very touristy things are open everything else is closed...so what better day to head to Giverny and to Monet's garden.

I won't bore you with text for this entry as the pictures tell it all...the only thing is I had to cull from 121 photos to allow you a little taste of what was one of the most wonderful experiences...enjoy...

P1000650.jpg P1000654.jpg

P1000657.jpg 1P1000658.jpg

1P1000662.jpg P1000671.jpg

P1000673.jpg P1000678.jpg

P1000680.jpg P1000672.jpg

P1000683.jpg P1000684.jpg

P1000687.jpg P1000688.jpg

P1000690.jpg P1000695.jpg

P1000697.jpg P1000700.jpg

P1000702.jpg P1000703.jpg

P1000704.jpg 1P1000706.jpg

P1000710.jpg 1P1000713.jpg

P1000715.jpg P1000717.jpg

P1000718.jpg P1000720.jpg


Sights around Giverny township
P1000735.jpg P1000736.jpg

P1000749.jpg 1P1000751.jpg

Forever remembered through his beautiful works of art...


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A move to the Left Bank

I successfully moved to a new address, this time in Saint-Michel on the left bank.

It is one street back from a very lively area just near Saint Michel Boulevard. My apartment is larger than the others but just as comfortable...except for the bed...feels like I am sleeping on the floor...I just keep telling myself I am sleeping in Paris!!

1P1000615.jpg 1P1000616.jpg

P1000617.jpg 1P1000618.jpg


The day I moved I was sitting in a little cafe around the corner waiting for Fabrice to arrive and meet me at the apartment when I saw loads of people gathering at the Statue of Saint Michel...it turned out it was the meeting place for the free walking tours of Paris...so after I settled in my apartment I gathered with lots of others for a guided 3 hour walk around Paris. Most of my companions were young people staying at the hostel...aussies, kiwis, germans and americans...we had a fun tour guided by Patrick an Irishman from Dublin! I saw some areas I knew but learned some of the history attached to them and also ventured into some new areas as well.

Patrick ...our guide

P1000620.jpg P1000621.jpg


Napoleon's resting place
P1000641.jpg P1000636.jpg

It was fun chatting to all the others and then we all gathered together at a local restaurant for a meal...a very fun day to start the final part of the adventure!

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Last day in le Marais...

The weather has been very unpredictable during my stay...

Today was no exception...the morning was cold and very wet...then by lunchtime the sun was peeking out just a little...but beware...the clouds, rain and wind can return in an instant...lucky I have my umbrella!

I had a lazy morning doing my chores...washing up for one and a little clothes washing...tuff work!!!

Then off I went to meet Jay and Andrew...two lovely american fellows...well, ok...they own the Montmartre apartment and I met them for coffee and a chat to return my key. Lovely fellows and it was so nice to sit in a cafe and be able to have a chat!!

Then I headed back to the Jewish quartier for that memorable falafel...and I have to say...it was delicious!!!(Thanks Ben T for the heads up!)

I continued to wander and ended up back a Place des Vosges as I didn't get to see all the art galleries that are under the covered walkways...

P1000566.jpg 1P1000598.jpg

P1000600.jpg P1000599.jpg

P1000591.jpg P1000588.jpg


P1000595.jpg P1000596.jpg

I stopped at Cafe Hugo for a coffee and out of nowhere the sun disappeared...the wind whipped up...and the rain came down...causing many people sitting alfreso (including me) to look for warmth and shelter from the elements!


The storm...if u can call it that...lasted about half an hour then disappeared and left no trace it had even been here!

I had read a lot about the Bastille area, close by, so I decided to investigate. If I had not read about it I would have been a little concerned...some of it made me a little nervous to walk through...but the covered walkways full of amazing furniture making and artisan craftsmen were extremely interesting if a little nerve wracking to walk down!!

P1000568.jpg 1P1000569.jpg

1P1000574.jpg 1P1000577.jpg

I found a beautiful bed linen shop...exquisite stuff.
P1000579.jpg P1000578.jpg

On my way back home I window shopped...and real shopped in some wonderful stores...

1P1000585.jpg P1000584.jpg

P1000589.jpg 1P1000590.jpg

Tomorrow is election day...election for what exactly I don't know...but on my way home I was accosted at every corner by supporters trying to hand me how to vote cards... hahaha

My little apartment block...
P1000609.jpg P1000613.jpg

The Marais is an area I would thoroughly recommend to any traveller to Paris...I will miss my little studio on rue Turenne...tomorrow sees me move to Saint Germain...and the last part of the parisian adventure continues!

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Sunshine and some culture...

The sun is shining again and blue sky abounds...

Out the door and off to explore...my first destination was to walk to the Musee de l'Orangerie to see the huge waterlily canvases by Monet.
As the weather was so good I decided to walk and explore along the way.

I investigated the outside of the Hotel d'Ville which is Paris's City Hall. It has an elaborate facade, with ornate stonework, statues and a turreted roof...just beautiful!

P1000433.jpg P1000434.jpg

1P1000435.jpg P1000438.jpg

P1000439.jpg 1P1000441.jpg

Next I walked through the public square and down towards the Seine. I found myself in the areas I spent most time during my last visit, but because I was not rushing from one attraction to another I had time to stroll and enjoy my surroundings.

Palais de Justice lines the Seine

As you walk along the river it is lined with a whole block of Garden shops and Pet shops.

Would you like one of these beauties in your garden??
P1000448.jpg 1P1000449.jpg

I headed towards the Louvre but came upon it from a different way through the Cour Carree, which is a large square surrounded by large buildings that leads through an archway to the Louvre Pyramids. It was just as delightful to see the Louvre surrounds for the second time...still takes your breath away!

P1000453.jpg 1P1000457.jpg

P1000458.jpg P1000459.jpg

P1000460.jpg P1000461.jpg


I then walked through the beautiful Jardin de Tuileries to get to the Orangerie. Unfortunately no photos of Monet's grand paintings was allowed but I have to say, the curved rooms that house these enormous works of art allow for you to feel as if you are sitting in the garden with him...(minus the other tourists, of course!)

By now the clouds were developing and the sun was blasting through the sky and creating the most amazing reflections off my surroundings...

Then I saw the beautiful Eiffel Tower for the first time up close this visit...just as delightful!

The views along the Seine were stunning...
P1000475.jpg 1P1000476.jpg

1P1000478.jpg 1P1000479.jpg

I then decided to head to the Musee d'Orsay...OMG this is THE most amazing place I have ever seen!!!
I am sorry now that I didn't manage to get here on my last visit as well...the building itself is majestically awe inspiring and the amazing array of exhibits of famous art and sculpture renders you speechless.

P1000505.jpg P1000507.jpg

P1000508.jpg 1P1000510.jpg

The building used to be a Railway Station and they have preserved a lot of the original design...
P1000496.jpg 1P1000484.jpg

The decorative work on the ceiling was beautiful...
P1000482.jpg P1000483.jpg

P1000485.jpg P1000497.jpg

Throughout the building there are a number of clockfaces that are transparent and show views over the city...spectacular...
P1000489.jpg 1P1000487.jpg

90_P1000490.jpg P1000491.jpg

At one point the rain had begun to fall outside and the views through the clockfaces showed a rainbow had formed over the Louvre...
P1000498.jpg 1P1000499.jpg


The restaurant inside the Orsay was spectacular, unfortunately it was still closed or I may have been tempted to have a meal...

It was nearing 7pm when I left the Orsay and began to wind my way back home...the sky was beautiful, with exciting cloud formations and the sun was beginning to set as I wandered along the banks of the Seine towards Ile de la Cite...the two islands in the centre of the Seine.

The photo opportunities along the way were too hard to resist...
P1000511.jpg P1000513.jpg

P1000515.jpg 1P1000516.jpg

P1000537.jpg P1000539.jpg

Along the way Pont des Arts with all its padlocks...
1P1000527.jpg P1000532.jpg

P1000534.jpg P1000535.jpg

Ile de la Cite...
P1000536.jpg P1000538.jpg

and as the sun sets...
1P1000554.jpg P1000555.jpg

P1000553.jpg P1000552.jpg

1P1000556.jpg P1000557.jpg

P1000559.jpg P1000565.jpg

Each day I think must be the best day yet...but then the next day just gets better...and the exciting part is there is another day tomorrow!

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A rainy day in the Marais...

The cold , grey day with drizzly rain couldn't dampen my spirits as I headed out to explore the 3rd and 4th Arrondissements of Paris.

The first street I headed down from my apartment was shop upon shop full of designer menswear...exquisite suits, shirts. shoes etc..just beautiful!

My first place to see was Place des Vosges...it is the oldest planned square in Paris, originally known as the Place Royale, it was built as Royal residences in the 1600's. It has beautiful apartments on four sides surrounding a delightful park square with fountains and trees. It is right on the border of the 3rd and 4th Arrondissements.

P1000398.jpg P1000400.jpg

P1000401.jpg P1000396.jpg

From there I wandered and found myself at the Hotel du Sully...not a hotel as we know it, but it was a prestigious private residence built in the 1600's and now is a public building and has divine details on the outside...simply stunning!

P1000405.jpg P1000403.jpg

P1000402.jpg 1P1000404.jpg

I also managed to find a street that could almost be called my own...close enough with translation I think!!


I love just wandering the streets of Paris as you never quite know what you will come across around the next corner...maybe a little arcade full of cafes or an amazing green space, perfectly planted just to enjoy...

1P1000407.jpg P1000414.jpg

P1000415.jpg P1000416.jpg

P1000417.jpg 1P1000422.jpg

P1000418.jpg P1000421.jpg

I wandered further into the historic part of the Marais into The Jewish quartier...beautiful shops and a whole street full of amazing food shops...selling what I have been told are the most amazing falafels ever...I am yet to find out for myself!

1P1000427.jpg P1000428.jpg

I continued to wander and found a beautiful creperie for lunch...a delicious chicken, cheese and mushroom galette (buckwheat savoury crepe)with basil and creme fraiche...mmmmm..oh and of course a glass of chardonnay!!!

I then went shopping...looking for some trinkets to bring home that won't fill up my suitcase too much!!

By this time it was nearing 5pm and I had been wandering the streets of Paris for 7 hours so I figured it was time to pick up some wine and a baguette to go with my cheese, avocado and tomato for dinner, and head towards home.

On my way to collect supplies I found another absolutely stunning park just around the corner from my apartment...one of the prettiest I have seen...Square du Temple, just across the road from the Mairie...the Mayors offices.

P1000429.jpg 1P1000430.jpg

P1000432.jpg 1P1000431.jpg

Back in my warm apartment, the rain has begun to fall heavily outside as I pour a glass of wine and reflect on my wonderful day walking the Marais...

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