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My next stay in the Marais...

The Eurostar back to Paris was much easier than finding the bus stop needed to get to my new apartment upon arrival back in Paris!

It took a bit of wandering and eventually asking to find the right stop...it would have helped immensely if I had exited the train station out the right doors!!!

I bus to my new apartment and Raphael met me at the door. It is a gated community with about 4 lots of apartment blocks and a little private courtyard. Very old buildings with only stairs and NO LIFT! I am on the top floor...the fourth and it is only 92 steps to the top! Raphael insisted on carrying my bag up the stairs and as he was about 30 years younger than me I accepted!!

The apartment is a small studio suitable for two people and once again I have sky views over the rooftops from my window...I think a necessity...

P1000389.jpg P1000390.jpg
P1000391.jpg P1000392.jpg

I settled in then headed out for a long walk to get my bearings and pick up some supplies for dinner.

I awoke late this morning to a very grey day and lots of rain...the apartment was very cold and I followed the instructions to turn up the heat but to no avail...

I eventually sent a text to Tatianna my agent and within minutes her brother Raphael was at my door to fix the problem...it was on the wrong setting...now it is much warmer! The whole apartment has been renovated this last year and it is lovely with great fittings. I found out that Raphael and Tatianna have about 15 apartments in Paris...not bad!!

Tomorrow will have me heading out early regardless of the weather to investigate The Marais, the 3rd arrondissment!

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Fun with Hugh, Will...and the Jersey Boys!

I had lots of fun with both Hugh and Will while I was in London.

Hugh got a new guitar while I was there as he is fascinated by the two he spies at Nini and GT's place while he is chatting on skype.

P1000329.jpg P1000338.jpg

We walked along the Thames just down from Tris and Dan's and played on the slides.

P1000345.jpg P1000347.jpg

We had a traditional Saturday afternoon at the Crabtree Pub drinking Pimms and saying farewell to Ben and Jenna who are off back to Sydney.

P1000349.jpg P1000350.jpgP1000353.jpg 1P1000355.jpg

Then we had morning tea at Brenden, Tory and Will's.

P1000363.jpg P1000369.jpgP1000370.jpg P1000375.jpgP1000376.jpg P1000378.jpg

After morning tea I caught the train into Leisester Square to the West End...absolute heaven...if I was here for longer I would do a show every day!! Today I headed to a matinee performance of "The Jersey Boys"...the story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons...great music, wonderful singing and a standing ovation from the crowd!

My last night in Putney so we celebrated with a yummy Thai takeaway dinner and some final laughs with all the family. Early mornings for everyone tomorrow as it is off to work or training and off back to Paris for me.

Bye Felsham Road...


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London Town

The train trip over on the Eurostar was fantastic...only 2hrs15mins across under the channel!! AMAZING feat of engineering!

I found my way through the station to the underground and then onto the district line and found my way to Tris and Dan's lovely home. They were both still at work so I spent the afternoon with Alex (the Nanny) and Hugh. It was great fun as "the man" was there to lay new turf in the backyard and he had a digger and a roller and lots of grass and bags...loads of fun for any 18month old!

It was wonderful to see all the family again and we all had a delicious Lasagna for dinner provided by Ben and Jenna's great cooking skills!

The next morning was Friday and Tris had the day off so we had a fun morning together with Hugh then I decided to become a tourist again and do the Hop on Hop off bus through London.

I caught the train into Knightsbridge and began my day at Harrods...as you do...with a delicious morning tea and a wander through this incredible store!! I picked up the bus outside Harrods. I was amazed at how spread out all the tourist icons are...the bus trip was about 3 hours and I managed to see all those traditional London sights.

P1000210.jpg 1P1000209.jpg

National Gallery
P1000219.jpg P1000217.jpg

London bus and my first sight of Big Ben
P1000221.jpg 1P1000223.jpg

London Eye and the iconic Dragon
P1000232.jpg P1000236.jpg

St Paul's Cathedral
P1000241.jpg P1000242.jpg

The Monument and The Shard
P1000245.jpg P1000247.jpg

London Bridge
P1000248.jpg P1000255.jpg

Houses of Parliament
P1000264.jpg P1000270.jpg

Westminster Abbey
P1000274.jpg P1000275.jpg

I got off the bus at Buckingham Palace to look around and then spent the last 2 hours of the day wandering through the beautiful gardens of Green Park, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens before heading home.

Buckingham Palace
P1000278.jpg P1000277.jpg

1P1000280.jpg 1P1000285.jpg

P1000286.jpg P1000287.jpg


Green Park adjacent to Buckingham Palace
1P1000292.jpg P1000293.jpg

Hyde Park
P1000300.jpg P1000303.jpgP1000304.jpg 1P1000306.jpg

Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain in Hyde park

Kensington Gardens.

P1000318.jpg P1000307.jpg

Peter Pan bronze statue sculpted by Sir George Frampton May 1912.
A gift to the children of London from Sir James Barrie, creator of Peter Pan, The detail is mesmerising!!

And last of all...the telephone box!!

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Last wander through Montmartre

My last day in the Montmartre area I decided just to enjoy the sun coming through my window and read for a few hours in the morning and then head out.

I left with camera in hand to take some final shots of the wonderful village. The weather began to get grey again as the afternoon wore on but only a little rain managed to fall despite the very black clouds around us.

The artists in Place du Tertre were amazing...
P1000153.jpg P1000154.jpg

P1000171.jpg P1000175.jpg

Saint Pierre de Montmartre was a little church behind Sacre Coeur with amazing large cast iron doors...you will have good fortune if you rub both the grapes and the leaf at the same time.
P1000155.jpg P1000156.jpg

Final views of the great cathedral and its surroundings.
P1000177.jpg 1P1000183.jpg

P1000191.jpg P1000192.jpg

P1000194.jpg P1000172.jpg

1P1000184.jpg P1000187.jpg

I woke up early the next morning and watched the sun rise over Sacre Coeur...I will miss my little apartment...

Tomorrow I jump onto the Eurostar and head to London...I am very excited to catch up with family and find a new city to explore.

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A tough day at the office...

Travelling on your own is fun until you think something has gone wrong!

I woke up bright eyed and ready for another day...after getting ready I decided to head off and find my way to Gare du Nord train station so I could work out where I had to go on Thursday morning and then head off for a day exploring the Opera quartier.

I opened my travel wallet to get my Eurostar tickets out as I wanted to check if they needed to be validated at the station...

Panic set in!...My travel wallet appeared to only have all the paper info sheets but NO TICKETS!
I went through the stack again...NO TICKETS!

OMG!!! I must have left them on the lounge at home when I was going through my papers packing!

It's ok...call Rob and find out if they are there...call his mobile...no answer...call home...not there...call mobile again, and again....and just to be sure...again!

By this time I had convinced myself that the tickets were at home and I would have to go and buy new ones! OMG...if I have to buy new ones it will cost me a fortune!!

Heart racing now!!

What to do...so I call Emma...dear sweet Emma...who has a distraught mother on the end of her phone who by this time can hardly speak!! She thinks someone has died!!! Oh dear...

I explain the situation and she agrees to go up to the house from work and see if the tickets are there...ok fine...relax...breathe...wait...

NO...not fine!! She gets there and the extra keys are inside the locked, alarmed house on the bench...next to Rob's phone!!

Ok...she decides she can break in through a window, turn the alarm off and then look for the tickets...

OH! by the way...while talking to her my french mobile runs out of credit...just to make things a little more stressful!

Emma finally gets inside...turns off the alarm and begins to look for the tickets...and who arrives home???...Rob!!!

They look everywhere I tell them and....NO TICKETS ANYWHERE...they tell me I must have them...I say I have looked through everything!!
I can call home for free from the apartment so I hang up...the next plan is for me to have one last look!!

So slowly step by step I check every piece of paper...

open each one up...

then I pick up the brochure they have included on shopping at Galleries Lafayette...how kind of them...and as I place it down I see something written on the other side of the brochure...

RAIL EUROPE...RAIL TICKET...My tickets are stapled inside!!!!!!!!!!

I sheepishly call back to tell them that I have found my tickets...then proceed to have an even bigger meltdown!!!

OMG...I need a stiff drink...and it is only 9.30am!!!

Once I had composed myself...I packed up and headed off to the train station to find out where to go...just as well as it is a VERY large station! I found the information centre and a lovely fellow who spoke great english and now I am all set for Thursday...

so what is a girl to do now you ask???

Well... follow what the signs are telling you of course....

So I headed off to walk across Paris, through the rain to Lafayette Galleries to shop and then to Printemps...Level 6 to the beautiful stained glass domed restaurant for lunch!!

P1010575.jpg P1010572.jpg

My small carafe of Chardonnay went down very well indeed and I finished the day with that perfect sound...

That first crack! of the toffee on top of a bowl of Creme Brulee!!! Magnifique!

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